Are you a Road Warrior?

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We've teamed up with other pro drivers to share even more inspiration from the road. See what being a Road Warrior means to them and follow along for more great stories and content!

Image: BigCat Trucker

BigCat Trucker

BigCat Trucker, otherwise known as Ricky L Sylvester Jr., is a Texas-native Internet, foodie and trucking industry sensation. He started making his mark in 2008, when he started producing his web show, “The BigCat Trucker Show,” and has since grown a loyal following by sharing his trucking humor.

Image: Indiana Jack

Indiana Jack

Five years ago, Indiana Jack arrived on the video trucking scene to share all things related to professional driving and his life as a self-declared “paid tourist”– with lots of laughs in-between. Keep on trucking, Indiana Jack and Big Red (his trusty truck)!

Image: The Jade & John Show

The Jade & John Show

One journey, two people. These newlyweds, Jade and John, decided to start trucking together shortly after getting married and have been sharing their adventures across the country on The Jade & John Show ever since.

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  • Image: Indiana Jack
  • Image: The Jade & John Show